Combined kadapa district against the politics of Rayalaseema.. After YS Hawa.. The family gained a foothold there with the help of YS Rajasekhar reddy Marku. When talking about Rayachoti constituency, the first person who comes to mind is gandikota srikanth Reddy.. gandikota to ycp, Kanchukota Rayachoti.. politics here is always juicy. With this, tdp is looking to fly the flag this time.

Gandi Kota Srikanth's political family background is a good combination. Moreover, the reason for winning four times in a row is the people there.. He has strong support from Rayachoti constituency. Along with all this, there is also a cadre that fully cooperates with cm Jaganmohan reddy and gandikota srikanth reddy is the closest person. Besides, there is no other strong leader in the constituency.

There is also some opposition to such srikanth Reddy.. Especially there are allegations that the volunteers in his constituency are taking commission. Due to this, it seems that there is some opposition among the people against the government.

On the other hand, Maddipalli Ramprasad reddy, the leader of the telugu Desam Party, is going to contest from the tdp party this time as opposed to srikanth reddy of Gandikota. And when it comes to the things that are compatible with him..

Sympathies of losing in the last election have a chance to be well received by him.

His father's political legacy is also likely to be a plus for him.

And when it comes to his minus point... It seems that lack of recognition among people is the main thing.

There is also a lot of propaganda about changing parties.

In Rayachoti constituency, Muslim vote percentage is 26%.. reddy voters percentage is 19%... sc is 13%, balija is 10% and st is 5%. There are a large number of Muslims here. But 60 percent of Muslims support the ycp party. The proposition is that they have been given proper representation there. Key posts like municipal chairman and MLC were also given to Muslims. The remaining 40 percent of the voters are for the tdp party. It seems that the rest of the voters are caste-wise. After all, this time srikanth reddy and Maddipalli Ramprasad reddy are contesting in Rayachoti constituency saying, you or me.. And this time people have to see who will be crowned. If srikanth reddy comes to power again, it will be his fifth victory. And let's see how people decide.

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