YCP caught in Sharmila's trap..!? Political Strategy..!?

YCP seems to be caught in Sharmila's political strategy. Viveka's murder case is once again becoming a topic of discussion in the entire state. In the elections going on in Andhra Pradesh, the competition between the members of the YS family is attracting more people. sharmila decided not to go down in the fight against Anna. Mother was also sent to America without campaigning for Anna. Now, along with another sister, Viveka's daughter Sunita, they are campaigning to stand up for the wronged girl child. If this sentiment worsens, YSRCP will face a difficult situation. Whoever answers as a counter will cause more discussion among people. At the same time, if nothing is said, the number of people who believe their accusations to be true will increase. ycp must be a part of Sharmila's plan to turn this issue into a political agenda.
Sharmila and Sunitha, who are campaigning in Pulivendu, are exploiting women's sentiments. She directly says that jagan reddy has been thrown on the road. If the girls are lying on the road and humbly begging to be there for them... the voters can't help but feel sorry. In the fight against jagan, sharmila decided not to go anywhere. YS sharmila entered kadapa Lok Sabha. She has to fight alone. No party support. Her party has no cadre. Financial support is not available. All challenges must be faced alone. But sharmila took the first step very clearly. An attempt was made to finalize the voting agenda. YS Rajasekhar reddy Biddaka... Viveka started questioning who they would vote for as a murderer. This strategy can be considered powerful.Sharmila's effort seems to be successful if this topic is discussed in public. But there are many challenges in this. Kanchukota of YS family of kadapa district. After that family established itself in politics, there is no history of another person winning. But now YS family members are contesting from kadapa Lok Sabha. That too YS Rajasekhar reddy Biddele is facing. Even if avinash Reddy is contesting on behalf of ycp, it is calculated that jagan is contesting. A ticket has been allotted to him who takes it so ambitiously.

  Menatta Vimala reddy entered the field as the congress PARTY' target='_blank' title='ysr congress-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ysr congress Party's top leadership became embarrassed by the campaigning of sharmila and Sunita. sharmila and Sunita are being asked if they saw avinash Reddy being murdered. He was advised to keep his mouth shut as he was dragging the family's honor on the road. But sharmila strongly countered Vimala Reddy's comments. Vimala reddy got well with the contracts given by jagan to his son. With Vimala Reddy's response, the matter of Viveka's murder case came into further discussion. Public opinion in politics cannot be expected. A single factor can make an election one-sided. All in all, if sharmila goes to the public with humble pleas for justice...sentiment will grow. Bharti's plans to counter this will be crucial. Otherwise, there is a possibility that sharmila and Sunitha will prove that anything can happen in politics.

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