2009 saw megastar chiranjeevi attempt his hand at politics. Having only garnered eighteen seats, he went on to integrate the party with congress and assume the position of Central Minister. After the split caused Congress's downfall in Andhra, chiranjeevi returned to his film career and abandoned politics. The majority of Chiranjeevi's second innings have been exciting, despite all predictions and odds. There is no reason for chiranjeevi to return to politics following the abuses he received. He went on to say that he is attempting to maintain his political neutrality and that he is not made out for politics.

2014 saw pawan kalyan join the janasena party and enter politics. In 2019, janasena had its inaugural election. However, chiranjeevi has remained politically apolitical to this day, avoiding both politics and Janasena. But chiranjeevi startled everyone recently by expressing a desire to get involved in politics. He has given the janasena party five crore rupees, as we have seen. He expressed his support for bjp candidate cm Ramesh, who is running in the Anakapalli lok sabha seat, yesterday. Usually extremely careful, chiranjeevi would not take any such chances because he would be afraid of the consequences should jagan win.

But after becoming office in 2019, jagan Mohan reddy caused serious problems for the sector. Because of jagan, the industry, which is still dealing with the aftermath of COVID-19, was severely affected. Leading figures in the industry were escorted to jagan by Chiranjeevi. When the celebrities' automobiles were forced to stop far from Jagan's camp office and force them to walk, it was an insult. Later in the meeting, jagan continued to smile while chiranjeevi had to beg with folded palms. Most likely, chiranjeevi was thinking about all of these insults and was only marginally involved in politics.

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