The reason behind YCP's victory in 2019 in AP..!?

It is known that in the 2019 ap elections, ycp won 22 mp seats out of 151 assembly seats. ycp leaders also believe that Chandrababu is, directly and indirectly, responsible for YCP's victory in the last election. During Chandrababu's regime between 2014 and 2019, the failure of tdp in the implementation of welfare schemes for the people in ap was a plus for YCP. Chandrababu Naidu, who announced hundreds of promises during the 2014 elections, implemented the majority of those promises only in the last six months before the 2019 elections. By the time of the 2019 election, the level of opposition against Chandrababu had increased, so there was no need to be surprised if Chandrababu lost even in the polls. Before the 2014 elections, Chandrababu, who had made promises in the palm of his hand, showed disappointment to the people of ap after the election results came out.
 Chandrababu, who claimed to have decades of political experience, declared amaravati as the capital, but Chandrababu was not successful in developing Amaravati. At the same time, people believed that there was more corruption during Babu's regime. Chandrababu, who had promised to waive the loans in five installments to the farmers, then magically waived the loans in only three installments and raised opposition among the farmers. 
On the other hand, jagan won the 2019 elections by reaching out to people from all walks of life with the promises of Navratna. Looking at the current political situation, even though jagan did not specifically mention Chandrababu's mistakes, people who saw the difference between Babu's rule and Jagan's rule felt that Jagan's rule was better. It can be said that Jagan's belief in the people that he will provide better governance than Chandrababu is a plus for YCP. jagan is taking the lead by turning Babu's minuses into pluses.

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