20 out of 25 MPs are NDA..!? So many Twists in the survey..!?

It is a well-known fact that the 25 parliamentary seats in the state will be fiercely contested. Who will put a foot where? Who gets where? Things are interesting. In particular, the bjp is contesting in six seats. Also, tdp is in 17 seats, and Jana Sena is in 2 seats. On the other hand, ycp is alone in the circle. In this context, the competition is intense. Strong leaders are also in the ring. cm Ramesh is giving a strong contest from Anakapalli. Brothers (Keshineni Nani-Chinni) are competing in Vijayawada. bjp chief purandeswari is in the ring from Rajahmundry. Along with them, congress chief YS Sharmi is running from Kadapa. Similarly, in Nellore, vijayasai reddy and prabhakar reddy, who were together till yesterday, are facing each other as rivals. They are prominently mentioned. Whoever is discussing the parliamentary seats now, they are focusing more on these seats. It is known that ycp is strong in those states as well.
Also, hopes are high on ycp sittings. It is expected that Tirupati, Kadapa, and rajampet will fall into the account of YSP. Also, it seems that srikakulam traditionally belonged to the Kinjarapu family. Similarly, in the visakha MP seat, the fight will be fierce. On behalf of ycp, Botsa Sathimani, former mp of Jhansi, is in the field, on the other hand, Balayya's son-in-law Bharat is the joint candidate.

In the background of these results, a tough fight is taking place in all the parliamentary seats except one or two. However, the recently released ABP-Cotar survey has revealed an unexpected result. It is noteworthy to mention that out of a total of 25 parliamentary seats, alliance candidates are winning unilaterally in 20 places. Out of the remaining five seats, there is a chance for ycp to become the winner in only two seats. It is significant to say that there will be a tough fight in the remaining three seats. Let's see what happens.

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