Insulin was not provided to Arvind Kejriwal...

According to delhi minister Atishi, delhi Chief minister arvind kejriwal has been living with diabetes for the past thirty years and needs to take 54 units of insulin daily. kejriwal called the Enforcement Directorate's allegation that kejriwal was consuming sugary meals to raise his blood sugar levels false. According to Atishi, kejriwal has been using the low-calorie sweetener erythritol, which was recommended by his physician, instead of white sugar in his tea. "ED stated that kejriwal consumes sweet tea and sweets. But erythritol is used to make these. The bjp folks can look it up on Google. It is a low-calorie sweetener that diabetics are permitted to use, Atishi stated on thursday during a news conference.

According to the ED, kejriwal has been consuming bananas to elevate his blood sugar. It is recommended that diabetics always have some chocolate and bananas on hand in case of emergencies. Because a diabetic patient's life is in danger if their blood sugar level falls dangerously low. The delhi minister stated, "Kejriwal was required to carry any sort of toffee or banana as per the court ruling. Rejecting the ED's assertion that kejriwal has been consuming "alu-puri every day," Atishi stated, "It is customary for kejriwal to have alu-puri only on the first day of Navratri. The diet chart that was provided to the court states that he consumed alu-puri on a single day. The minister from delhi asserted that kejriwal has been receiving insulin from Tihar authorities even though his blood sugar level has been approximately 300 for the past few days.

Kejriwal was placed on a special insulin reversal regimen on february 1; this treatment ended after he was detained. Attorney Kejriwal's requested authorization for video conferences with treating physicians, but the request was denied. According to Atishi, the bjp intends to kill kejriwal by outlawing home-cooked meals.

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