Complaint against Actor Vijay at chennai Commissioner office..!?

A social activist has filed a complaint against the Tamizhaga Vetri Kazhagam leader and actor Vijay in the chennai police Commissioner's office. In it, the social activist has accused actor Vijay of violating the election rules and coming to the polling station. It has been mentioned in the complaint filed by the social activist that because actor Vijay came with more than 200 people to vote in the election, he caused public disturbance and action should be taken against Vijay who disturbed the public on election day. In the complaint, "I am doing social work as a social activist at the above address. It is said through the tamil Nadu police Department that no party, movement, or organization is allowed to hold a two-wheeler rally or road rally. Similarly, more than 200 people who are voting in actor Vijay Neelangarai's polling station are being violated in violation of election rules. This is a violation of the election Commission's order that more than 10 people should not gather together within 100 meters of the polling station.

Actor Vijay for his self-interested publicity has been acting as a nuisance to the people of Neelangarai, causing public nuisance on the roads in traffic violations and carrying a wrong motive among the youth. The actor and T.V.K. leader Vijay cast his vote with the help of the police instead of standing in line and insulting the people waiting to vote at the polling booth. It is not right for him to do this just a few days after the party started, it is a shame. Is this the political lesson he is giving to the younger generation who are familiar with politics? Therefore, I humbly request you to take legal action under sections 143, 290, 357, 171(F) of the indian Penal Code against TVK leader and actor Vijay, who violated the election streets." The first phase of voting for the lok sabha elections was held yesterday in 21 states and union territories including Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. Elections were held for all 39 constituencies of tamil Nadu. In this, Vijay cast his vote yesterday at Neelangarai polling station under South chennai Constituency. He was shooting for the movie The Greatest Of All Time in russia and reportedly arrived in chennai yesterday morning to cast his vote.

Accordingly, he visited the polling booth at 12.15 pm yesterday. Many fans followed him from his house near Panaiyur by car. Subsequently, he entered the polling station to cast his vote and struggled to get back into the car after casting his vote. It was said that although the police were involved in security there, they could not control the sudden crowd. That is why Vijay was quickly sent back to vote.

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