Is prashanthi going to create a sensational record..!!

- A rare record if the husband wins as mp & wife as MLA..!
- Peace of mind with a strategic campaign.
- Recognition of wife and husband with sentiment + service programs.

Vemireddy prashanthi Reddy is contesting from the Kovuru constituency of nellore district on behalf of TDP. Kovuru is one of the constituencies which has been a tdp stronghold since 1983. Nallapareddy Prasannakumar reddy won on behalf of congress and ycp only in the 2004 and 2019 elections. He also contested and won the 1994, 1999, and 2009 elections on behalf of the TDP. prashanthi Reddy is currently competing with Prasannakumar reddy, who says that Kovuru will be converted into Nallapureddy's fort. Nallapureddy prasanna Kumar reddy commented on her second marriage as there was no fault in criticizing her. prashanthi gave a very gentle counter to this too. It has been clarified that Vemireddy married with the consent of family members after her husband's death. The ycp leaders do not know what to do as they ask whether it is wrong or not.
Prashanthi reddy, who is visiting the villages of Kovuru Constituency, is sensitively questioning what has happened in the constituency in five years. Whether you win... or not... the promise that your problem will be solved is surprising everyone. The words and promises of Prashanthi, who is already doing service programs through the VPR Foundation, have now become viral on social media. prashanthi is impressing the voters by saying vote only if you feel good. Vemireddy couple has also given clarity to the campaign going on in social media that they will change the party. They said that they were doing fake propaganda just to mislead the people. The party will not change. He also said that people do not need to pay attention to these. prashanthi Reddy has already covered 5 Mandals of Kovuru Constituency.

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