Sharmila's master Plan for Congress's victory in AP..!?

-Sharmila is taking a lot of precautions.
-She made huge plans out of a grudge against Jagan.
-Jagan's silence on Sharmila's criticism is also a minus.

It is known that ap cm YS jagan and his sister sharmila are currently political rivals. sharmila is contesting on behalf of congress as kadapa MP candidate. At the same time, she is deciding who should contest from which constituency in ap on behalf of the congress party. At first, political analysts thought that Sharmila's influence in ap politics would not be much. But sharmila is taking a lot of precautions in the case of candidates contesting from Congress. She is allotting tickets only to leaders who have political experience and recognition among the people. It seems that she has given priority only to the candidates who have not backed down even in the matter of expenditure as compared to the candidates of tdp and YCP. The comments show that she made huge plans out of a grudge against Jagan.
It cannot be said whether the alliance will lose due to congress competition in ap or ycp will lose, but the influence of congress is going to be huge. It seems that the chances of getting 3 to 4 percent votes for congress are certain. Sharmila's harsh criticism of Jagan's regime in public meetings has a chance to harm jagan personally more than YCP. Jagan's silence on Sharmila's criticism is also a minus for the party.
It seems that the actual calculation behind Sharmila's mention in the nomination papers that jagan gave her a loan of 82 crore rupees is different. jagan will also have to mention these debts in his nomination papers. It is heard in the political circles that if Sharmi is underestimated, he will suffer after the election results. It is reported that sharmila is not willing to give up any chance of the congress party's revival in the state.

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