Elections in andhra pradesh are going to be held in a few days. Candidates are already making nominations. The process of nominations is also going to end tomorrow. In this order, many ycp activists are trolling the nomination filed by janasena chief Pawan Kalyan.. Especially before the 2019 elections, they are checking the affidavit and taking out the property figures. It is said that Pawan's assets have already increased significantly.

Especially Pawan Kalyan's cars are missing and where is Varahi vehicle? How much properties registered on Pawan Kalyan's wife..? Is pawan kalyan staying with Anna now or have they separated..? Various questions are being thrown..Also how many children they have is not mentioned in the affidavit. The ycp workers are even confusing Jana Sena with such questions.

If pawan kalyan did not declare the assets in the name of his wife in the affidavit, would it be considered that he had divorced her? There is a strong discussion going on in social media. In particular, there are reports that the children also have Russian citizenship. If this happens then the affidavit is invalid. pawan kalyan has to show how many properties are in her name.

Yesterday, pawan kalyan filed his nomination as an assembly candidate in pithapuram constituency. But there are reports that there are mistakes in the affidavit as well. Pawan Kalyan's property is said to be worth Rs.41.65 crores.. Also ten cars and one Harley David bike along with agricultural land is said to be worth Rs.94.41 crores. They also informed that their children Akhiranandan and the other three children are minors.

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