Volunteers have become very important in the politics of Andhra Pradesh.. Especially this voluntary system brought by jagan has been supported by some other governments and criticized by many in the past.. people like pawan kalyan and Chandrababu have labeled the volunteers as criminals and kidnappers. But when the election time comes, they say that the volunteers are doing God's work. There are reports that some have resigned and gone to tdp and some are resigning to work for ycp who gave them a chance.

However, until now, the andhra pradesh High court has conducted an investigation on the resignation of the volunteers. Recently, the investigation on the volunteers has been completed. When the court asked how many people resigned from the work, it was found that 62,571 volunteers have resigned in andhra pradesh so far.. The election commission made a detailed report and submitted to the High Court. It seems that the ec has also informed that it cannot interfere in the resignation of volunteers.

If their resignations are accepted, they will become ordinary citizens and they will work as election agents. If they work as election agents they will influence the elections. Further inquiry was adjourned for 2 weeks. This matter is going to be clarified before the elections on the next month. Especially this time the elections are also becoming very juicy. And it has to be seen which party will have more impact on the voluntary system.

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