At present, in the wake of the parliamentary elections, everywhere in telangana you can see a chorus of campaigning. All the candidates of all the parties are moving forward with the aim of winning. In this order, all the key leaders of the party are also campaigning on behalf of the respective candidates. It is known that promises are being made to impress the voters in this order. However, the bjp, BRS and congress parties, which are currently known as the main parties in telangana, have taken the victory of a parliamentary segment very seriously. It is the seat of parliament of Secunderabad.

No matter when the parliamentary elections come, victory in secunderabad will always be sentimental. Because the sentiment that the party that wins in the secunderabad parliamentary segment will take over the power at the center has been going on for many years and they also believe that the party that wins in secunderabad will have a good hold on the state politics and turn the wheel. However, BRS, which was in power twice in the past, could not win the mp seat in Secunderabad. It is known that bjp has been winning consecutively from here.

 And now the BRS congress parties are moving ahead with the aim of raising their party flag here. But recently, cm Revanth participated in secunderabad corner meeting along with secunderabad congress candidate Danam Nagender. In this order, his comments became viral. kcr fielded Padma Rao to contest. Why ktr and kcr did not come for the nomination? If you see this, it can be understood that Revanth's comments saying that kcr has pledged the secunderabad seat to the bjp have become a sensation. There is also a talk of supporting each other internally.

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