Usually, when the parliamentary elections are held in hyderabad, the parties focus more on the victory as the mim party has always emerged victorious. As a result, every time there is an election, the argument that other parties will field only the dummy candidate can be heard in telangana politics. But this time the same thing happened for the parliament elections. But bjp wants to break the stronghold of mim and hoist the saffron flag there.

In this order madhavi Lata, who is working hard to bring Hindutva to the masses, was given an mp ticket by the BJP. In this order, she has a strong belief that she will give a tough competition to Atu Owaisi and she will surely win. Currently, madhavi latha is campaigning in all the constituencies of the hyderabad parliament segment. At a time like this, Rajasingh, who continues to be a key leader in the hyderabad parliament segment, doesn't bring support to madhavi Lata, as she has been staying away from party activities earlier.

Recently, Rajasingh has denied madhavi Latha's nomination. Rajasingh is unhappy that madhavi Lata was given the ticket unilaterally without taking the opinion of him or his cadres. That's why Rajasingh, who wants other leaders to support her, is not willing to participate in the campaign at all. raja Singh's non-participation has become a topic of discussion already. There are also doubts about his participation in the campaign in the coming days.

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