A Special change that has come in this election..!? What is it?

-A leader changes the party before the election.

-There is a stamp of political selfishness.

-Half of the leaders were from tdp and YCP.

It has become routine for leaders to change parties during elections. Once upon a time, a leader used to think a lot about changing parties. They change only in the necessary situations. Now they are changing parties as easily as changing scarves. But this is not a change in this election. Leaders have been changing parties before elections for several decades. But this election season has something special. Let's see that in detail. Usually, a leader changes the party before the election. The main reason for that is that the party he belongs to does not give him a ticket. Sometimes, if there is strong opposition to his party, even if there is a chance of getting a ticket in his own party, he changes the party and gets a ticket there. There is a lot of criticism of the leaders who have changed parties like this. There is a stamp of political selfishness. If the party does a lot for you, they ask if they will leave the party for selfish reasons. 

But do you know what is a special change that has come in this election itself? The parties themselves are encouraging defection. The party leaders themselves are encouraging you to go to that party and contest on behalf of that party. It's a bit surprising to hear but it's true. Even the leaders could not have imagined that such a situation would come in real politics. There are many examples of this. Half of the leaders who contested on behalf of Jana Sena were from tdp and YCP. There is a meaning in giving tickets to those who come from YCP. The opposing party may want to give it. Finally, the credit of giving tickets to the candidates from the party in the alliance will remain forever in the name of janasena President Pawan Kalyan. The list of those who came from tdp and got janasena tickets is very long. In Bhimavaram, where pawan kalyan himself lost in the last election, this time also the party could not find a suitable candidate. That's why pawan kalyan gave a ticket to tdp leader Pulavarthy Anjibabu, who lost with him in the last election in Bhimavaram. In Palakonda, tdp in-charge Nimmaka Jayakrishna was included in janasena and given a ticket by Pawan Kalyan. Also in Avanigadda, tdp leader Mandali Buddhaprasad was included in the party and given a ticket.

Pawan Kalyan, who is unable to form a local leadership on his own, has imported candidates not only from tdp but also from YCP. Machilipatnam mp Balashauri, who came from ycp, has been included in the party and is being fielded again from Machilipatnam. ycp Narasapuram mp Raghuramakrishnam Raju, who is known as Jagan's enemy, has been included in TDP and Chandrababu has fielded him as an MLA. In this way, the BJP was also involved in importing candidates from the coalition parties. 

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