Elections for 175 assembly and 25 parliament seats were recently held in Andhra Pradesh.. Especially in andhra pradesh, it seems that there is uncertainty about how many seats will come to power.. But many leaders and other former CMs are also confident that the ycp party will come to power. Now the trs working president and former minister ktr has also informed many interesting things. Let's see them in detail.

Now everywhere everyone is talking about andhra pradesh politics.. Recently ktr said in a media conference held at telangana Bhawan.. Joshyam said that he will win Jaganna again in Andhra Pradesh.. He said that the reason is that his good deeds will keep him standing.. The alliance is trying to win in any way. It can be said that many plans are made with the fear that their existence will not exist. mla ktr also informed that they have received information that ap cm Jagane.

However, former telangana chief minister kcr, the head of BRS, has also made similar comments many times. kcr has also expressed his opinion that the people want Jagan's government in Andhra Pradesh. andhra pradesh politics is becoming a hot topic now that ktr is also saying that jagan will win. We have to wait till june 4th to know whether what ktr kcr said is true or not.. It seems that the betting players are also betting heavily on the politics of Andhra Pradesh.. Especially in Pithapuram, Mangalagiri, kuppam and other areas, it seems that they are betting more on who will get more seats.

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