Each social class is different. There is no doubt about this. If some districts are influenced by one social class, some districts are influenced by other social classes. If we look at such comparisons. nellore district politics are on the side of the minority classes as a whole. Similarly in kadapa and kurnool districts the same effect is being done. Now, if we look at the polling that took place in the districts, it has become interesting to see who is leaning towards which side.

Polling was registered even after midnight in nellore district. Little is said about the minority Muslim women here. All of them also appeared to be exhausted. Even after ten o'clock in the night, women are in the shoes. With this, it became interesting who was favored here. Similarly, in kurnool and kadapa, the votes of minorities fell more. Moreover, polling has been registered here more than the last election.

Parishi Lakku says that according to the current estimates, ycp has been favored more. In fact, tdp also has a minority vote bank in those districts. Chandrababu gave tickets to minorities in places like Nandyala. If we look at the polling there, there is a possibility that it will be favorable for TDP. In the past too, there have been occasions when minority voters flocked positively to TDP. With this analysis we can predict the favourites.

On the other hand BJP's severe criticism of the minorities have kept the minorities away from the tdp to some extent. It is not that the party lacks positivity. The bjp factor has affected the minorities. As a result, the minority vote bank was lost to TDP. It cannot even be said that ycp will have the upper hand here. Observers say that there is no surprise even if it is given to Congress.

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