In the last few days, the politics in telangana state has become very different. bjp and BRS leaders are commenting that the government is going to change soon and cm Revanth's post is going away. It is said that change is going to happen in telangana after june 4. What is the meaning behind these words? Will there actually be a congress government in Telangana? Whether it will collapse is a current debate among people. Let's see what the details are. Opposing parties say that august crisis is coming for the first time in telangana politics. The date for this is going to be fixed on june 4, depending on the results of the lok sabha elections, it will be known whether there will be a crisis or not.

If bjp gets double digit seats in the lok sabha elections, there will be complete migration from BRS and Congress. Telangana's senior bjp leaders have repeatedly said that if the bjp gets a full majority after the results, there will definitely be a crisis in August. The growing opposition to the congress party, the bjp is trying to turn it in its favour. At this moment, when cm Revanth reddy and many MLAs from BRS are giving statements that they are going to join our party, they are saying without saying that if bjp achieves double digit, they will topple the congress government in telangana and form a government with BRS MLAs and some more congress MLAs.

  All the changes are going to happen in august itself and this should happen which means that double digit mp seats must come to bjp in Telangana. If BJP's strength in telangana recovers, bjp has a big plan to pull BRS MLAs completely into their party and also some MLAs from congress to form the government. If the congress party gets a majority in this order, then the BRS party has completely failed here. bjp will remain in opposition status as always. In this way, information is being received that the bjp party is still planning to topple the congress government if it gets a chance. That is why there is a discussion in the political circles for the last few days that Revanth's government is going to face a crisis in August. We have to wait till june 4 to resolve this debate.

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