Palnadu - india Herald: election rush is over in AP. Currently, various surveys are giving their opinion on the victory of ycp and some other surveys are giving their opinion on the victory of TDP. cm jagan has challenged tdp chief Chandrababu as part of his campaign to raise the issue of Muslim reservation before prime minister Narendra Modi in the election meetings of the three-party alliance in AP. 

Almost Muslim votes in sixty assembly constituencies will become a deciding factor. jagan has given seven seats to Muslims as there is a significant number of Muslims in the country. Muslims will also be given seats in the Rajya Sabha. He said that the bjp has clearly said that it will abolish Muslim reservations. tdp chief Chandrababu has joined hands with the bjp which is saying that four percent of Muslim reservations will be abolished.

AP cm YS jagan said that they have started dramas pretending to be thieves for the votes of minorities. ap cm YS jagan said that he will continue. jagan made it clear that there should be 4 percent reservation for minorities even if they are six hundred. He said that he will fight for this to any extent. Until yesterday, the Muslim people were very much in favor of TDP. But after the alliance of tdp with bjp, there is a change in the Muslim people across the state. The 4 percent reservation given to the minority brothers is not given on the basis of religion.

Minorities in Palnadu district were very much in favor of tdp before the alliance with bjp but after the alliance, they moved away from TDP. The survey showed that in seven constituencies of Palnadu, Muslims are completely against this time. With this, the leaders of the old tdp are scratching their heads as to what to do. This 4 percent reservation is based on the backward classes. I question the bjp and other opposition parties on this.

There are BCs and OCs in all religions, which are reservations given on the basis of backward classes under the constitutional provisions. It is known that cm jagan should not play with their lives by playing politics on such reservations. In addition to that, political analysts say that all the Muslim voters in Gampagutta have expressed their support to the ycp government. YSP leaders say that the reason is that its effect will definitely be seen on june 4.

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