Allu arjun seems to have cut ties with Pawan Kalyan, nagababu, and Chiranjeevi. Reliable sources claim that these three are furious at Allu Arjun. Their ire is due to Bunny's impromptu appearance on the ycp candidate's campaign, which she performed under the pretense of friendship.
Nagababu tweeted his displeasure as a clear expression of his rage. According to trustworthy sources, nagababu is using strong language while criticizing bunny in his inner group. Given his advanced age and social standing, chiranjeevi appears to have kept quiet.
When the topic was raised, pawan kalyan seemed a little miffed and waved it off, saying to "let it go." Such rumors are circulating throughout tollywood in several ways.
But it doesn't appear that bunny plans to break up contact with the Mega family. It's not well known that he gave janasena two crores in 2019 before anyone else did.
In addition, bunny helped nagababu through difficult times by recognizing him as the presenter of the film "Na peru Surya," and rumors have it that he also contributed financially.
Despite having made a substantial contribution, bunny is currently under fire for just supporting his friend, which the mega family feels is wrong.

"Allu arjun is an actor who grew tall in his career individually without the support of a stalwart director like Rajamouli," an industry insider stated. Additionally, he gave the telugu Film industry its first National Award in the "Best Actor" category—something chiranjeevi could not even manage to do. In addition, he is renowned for being kind in lending a hand to friends and family in times of need. Instead of pressuring him, we should recognise his right to make his own decisions."
According to a second industry insider, the mega family is alienating allu arjun by overanalyzing itself, just like the Nandamuri family did with Jr. ntr through their excessive reaction to circumstances.

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