The election commission issued an order on thursday to suspend two SPs and twelve subordinate police officers in three districts, remove another SP and a district collector, and take serious notice of the violence that followed the election in Andhra Pradesh.
The Commission, represented by CEC Rajiv Kumar and ECs Gyanesh Kumar and Sukhbir Singh Sandhu, expressed their concern with the post-election violence in andhra pradesh during a meeting with the Chief Secretary and DGP of andhra pradesh at Nirvachan Sadan.
The Palnadu and Ananthapuramu district SPs were suspended by the Commission, and a departmental investigation was launched against them. Additionally, it directed the transfer of the Palnadu district Collector and the tirupati SP, as well as the start of a departmental investigation against them.
Twelve subordinate police officers in the districts of Palanadu, Anathapuram, and tirupati were suspended by the Commission, and a departmental investigation was launched against them.
It mandated that a Special Investigation Team (SIT) be formed by the government to look into the situation and provide the Commission with a report on the actions taken in each case within two days.
The commission stated, "FIRs to be updated with additional appropriate sections of the indian Penal Code and other relevant statutory provisions."

The Commission, taking a firm stance against the violence that followed the elections in andhra pradesh, ordered the CS and the DGP to prosecute those responsible with severe consequences.
Without holding back, the Commission ordered CS and DGP to make sure that this kind of violence doesn't happen again and to assign all SPs the responsibility of taking preventative action to make sure that anything similar doesn't happen again.
The Commission examined the cases at their level and instructed CS and DGP to oversee closely in order to guarantee that the right decisions are made about the prompt filing of chargesheets against the offenders in accordance with the law, ideally during the model code of conduct period.

CS and DGP presented their evaluation of authorities' carelessness and oversight in high-violence areas during the briefing.
They requested the Commission to keep 25 CRPF companies in place for 15 days following the count in order to quell any potential unrest following the results announcement.
In order to prevent any violence once the results are announced, the Commission agreed to order the Ministry of home Affairs to keep the 25 CRPF companies in andhra pradesh for 15 days following the counting.

Recall that the Chief Secretary and the DGP of andhra pradesh were asked by the ECI to New delhi to personally explain why the administration was unable to control violence following the election.
On election day and the day after the election, there were many violent events recorded in the districts of Ananthapuramu, Palnadu, and Tirupati.
Before the election, there were additional reports of incidents involving attacks, stone-throwing, threatening, burning the opposition party's office or property, and destroying the campaign vehicles.
The districts of Annamaya, Chittoor, and Palnadu saw the most of these instances, with a smaller number occurring in Guntur, Anantapur, and Nandyal, among other places.

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