That mp is facing a lot of problems in Palnadu..!?

Former ycp minister anil kumar yadav was contesting from nellore district. But this time YCP has fielded him as the mp candidate from Narasa Raopet in Palnadu district. In nellore, anil kumar yadav is called a petty rowdy by his opponents. He has an aggressive nature, so it is said here that he will give a good transfer to the factionalism in Palnadu, but Anil Kumar Yadav's pulse is not cooked. In fact, rowdyism means hurrying and intimidating, factionalism means taking lives. Anil Kumar, who is not used to this, was criticized by the tdp leaders.

Unexpected incidents of violence took place in this district during polling. Especially. tdp leaders attacked ycp candidates with stones, sticks, and rods in Narasa Raopet and Macharla in Palnadu district. Cars were smashed. ycp Narasa Raopet lok sabha candidate anil kumar yadav made shocking allegations that these anarchies took place in Palnadu according to an ulterior plan. tdp leaders have done heavy attacks in Machar. Pinnelli Ramakrishna Reddy and his son were attacked by TDP.

Anil Kumar Yadav is alleging that the police have supported the tdp for Anil to have no control in Narasa Raopet. anil kumar yadav could not do anything but watch as the police reverses and the tdp commits anarchy at the ground level as expected. He expressed his impatience that the police had completely failed to hold a press meet on this recently. He was furious that when tdp called to complain against them, none of the SPs and DSPs picked up the call.

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