Is jagan trembling before Chandrababu Naidu..!?

Former chief minister of ap Chandrababu Naidu is well-known in politics. It can be said that there is no other leader better than Chandrababu in turning people towards him to buy political strategies. jagan may be a good leader but it would be foolish to say that he is better in politics than Chandrababu. Chandrababu will use all his political experience to win this time. It seems that they have been successful in manipulating the people to vote for them, even though they have faltered in some respects.

First of all, the land titling act that he raised went to many people at the ground level. Even before going to the polling booth, phone calls about this land titling fat went. Through all these efforts, Chandrababu was able to create a concern that the said law would cause trouble to the landowners. Those who own land may not vote for jagan because of the fear of losing any of their land due to the law. They might have voted for Chandrababu.

Chandrababu promised to give more welfare schemes. people may not believe in all the welfare schemes but we will increase the pension and give Rs.4,000 per month. Chandrababu's statement that he will give Rs.7,000 at once is a political saying that the elderly will surely believe. Because in the past, pensions were increased. That may have made him vote now because he did well. Unemployment benefit was not given when jagan was there but before Chandrababu stepped down this money was deposited. Even now the unemployed may have turned to Chandrababu for unemployment benefits as he has promised the same. Pawan is also in Chandrababu's team. Pawan thinks well of the youth and will pressure Chandrababu to give unemployment benefits as per his promise.

Therefore, it is said by some that the youth have thought well and cast their votes for Chandrababu. ycp leaders are thinking about all these things and are very afraid. It is said that even jagan was shaking until the exit polls. Because no one can tell who people voted for. It is difficult to imagine how Chandrababu went to the people in their thinking ground level.

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