AAP will march in protest to the headquarters of the BJP...

Arvind kejriwal, the chief minister of delhi, launched a scathing attack on prime minister Narendra Modi on Saturday. He challenged him to arrest all of the Aam Aadmi Party's (AAP) top leaders, and he announced that the party will march to the bjp headquarters on sunday to express their disapproval of the arrest of Bibhav Kumar, his personal assistant (PA). For allegedly beating AAP rajya sabha mp swati Maliwal on May 13 at the chief minister's official residence, Kumar was detained on saturday night. This occurred one day after Maliwal filed a first information report against Kejriwal's assistant. The AAP said that the claims were a part of the BJP's plot to harm kejriwal and rejected the accusations as false.

About an hour after Kumar's detention, kejriwal held a virtual news conference at his home and stated, "People are watching how these people (BJP) are after the AAP." One by one, they are throwing our leaders behind bars. They imprisoned me, former deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia, former minister Satyendar Jain, and rajya sabha mp Sanjay Singh. My PA was arrested today. They're threatening to arrest AAP mp Raghav Chaddha, who recently returned from London. They're claiming that Saurabh Bhardwaj and Atishi, two ministers from delhi, would go to jail as well in a few days, kejriwal stated.

Kejriwal was detained in relation to the delhi excise policy on May 10, and he was given temporary bail until june 1—more than 50 days later. In relation to the same case, Singh is currently free on bail while Sisodia remains incarcerated. Because of a different money laundering case, Jain remains incarcerated. "I wish to inform the prime minister that by sending one person to jail after another, you are engaging in a game of "Jail ka khel." Tomorrow at noon, I will be arriving at the bjp headquarters accompanied by all of my prominent leaders, MLAs, MPs, and supporters. Put everyone you choose behind bars at once. You believe that by locking up its leaders, you can destroy the AAP, but that is not how it will happen, kejriwal stated. 

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