Madhoo Shah is one of the most well-known names from the 1990s, having caused quite a stir among moviegoers. The actress, famed for cult masterpieces such as Roja, Yodha, and Gentleman, created a lasting impression with her outstanding performance. In a recent update, Madhoo recalled women's working circumstances in the 1990s and spoke extensively about her time working with mani ratnam in Iruvar.

In an interview with The indian Express, Madhoo discussed industry changes and remembered the difficulties actresses faced with basic facilities like washrooms, vanity trailers, and privacy. Madhoo stated, as cited, "That's a reality. It was one of the most trying moments, and I was making tamil films in the red Caves in Kolachi, sitting under mountains and trees to confront nature, which was the most embarrassing thing."
The actress described the garments she wore while dancing in the heat and removing them. We had no idea who was looking, and it was quite tough." Madhoo went on to discuss her experience working on Mani Ratnam's Iruvar, saying that while filming, she took a sleep on the rocks because she didn't have anywhere to relax for a while. The actress remarked that today anyone can say and demand a make-up van to have total privacy, which was not feasible previously.

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