What is the future of those bjp Leaders..!?

According to some so-called analysts, Josh, who was previously in the Andhra bjp alliance, is no longer visible. Especially, the talk is being heard that the three senior leaders who have shown air in a range for the last five or six years have now become silent. One of them was Somu Veerraju who made bjp the President of AP. It has been almost 4 decades since he joined the BJP. On top of that, he also has a strong RSS background. Loyalty to the party remains the same. That is why he is in direct contact with the central elders. But despite all that, he did not get a ticket in the latest election, it's a pity! He wanted to contest for the mp seat from Rajahmundry. Daggubati Purandheswari contested from there and he was checked.

After that, even if he looked towards Rajahmundry, he would not be disturbed. Later, he was told that he was not able to win, but the vacant seat was kept vacant for himhe knew very well that even if he contested there, he would lose his reputation.... So he said no. That is why there are whispers that he is very angry with the leadership of ap BJP. Then the second leader was vishnu Vardhan Reddy. He has always been active in the BJP. But this time he was also disturbed. He showed interest in contesting whether it was kadiri Assembly or hindupuram mp but did not get a ticket. With that, he went into silence.

Also, we have to talk here about the latest former MP GVL Narasimha Rao, who expired as a member of the rajya sabha yesterday. He was also very passionate about the BJP. But now the scene is reversed. At present, the tdp leaders who have joined the bjp in ap have become very popular. He was hoping for an mp seat from Visakha but he did not get the seat. Analysts say that if the tdp coalition wins tomorrow's elections, they will be in limbo for the next five years. Apart from that, they say that if ycp wins by mistake, there is no chance for them to open their mouths again and criticize the attitude of the ap bjp leadership.

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