Conspiracy against Pawan if tdp comes to power..!?

Elections are over in AP. The fate of the candidates is stored in the EVM and ballot box. At the same time, tdp on one side and ycp on the other side are also choosing the cabinet. At this time, there are some reports that there will be a conspiracy against Pawan if tdp comes to power. If tdp comes to power and Pawan wins in Pithapuram, Jana Sena leaders are hoping that he will be given a ministerial post-in-home or finance or any other important department. At the same time, some media channels are demanding that Pawan Pawan be given a bigger position.

If you look at the articles in that media channel, it can be understood that big posts mean leaving the power aside. In this way, two types of conspiracies are being made against Pawan Kalyan. Where did Pawan go on the stage of sakshi Channel, The YSR Congress party does not see after coming to Varanasi. He is not even in Hyderabad, doubts are expressed whether he is actually in india or not. ysr congress party leaders are alleging that Chandrababu is going to other countries to take care of money transactions with him.

  At the same time, the pro-Telugu Desam party channels are trying to send pawan kalyan to central politics instead of staying in state politics. That is, he contested for the post of MLA. If he wins there, he will get a place in the state cabinet. But some channels are joking that if he wins, he will join the Union Cabinet. Judging by this, it goes without saying that he is trying to get rid of him like a shard in the pot without getting involved in the politics of the state. In this way, the news that ycp on one side and tdp on the other side are conspiring against pawan kalyan has intensified.

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