AP cm YS jagan has mainly focused on the implementation of welfare schemes in the last five years. Navratna schemes implemented by jagan have brought about a change in the lives of poor and middle class people. But Imtiaz ahmed is one of the IASs that jagan has admired in the last five years. Imtiaz Ahmed, who worked as krishna district Collector, was later appointed as Special Secretary, Minority Welfare Department.
Imtiaz played a vital role in ensuring that the funds given by the jagan government for the welfare of minorities reached the field level. Imtiaz ahmed did his best to solve the problems faced by the minorities. It is noteworthy that Imtiaz also performed the duties of serf and also worked as the secretary of CCLA.
However, jagan suggested that he should contest as the mla candidate of kurnool and Imtiaz retired and entered politics even though his tenure was for another year. In the year 2019, Imtiaz Ahmed's daughter got married and cm jagan attended the wedding ceremony. This ex-IAS, who was praised by jagan, worked without any controversies and criticisms and received praise.
It remains to be seen whether Imtiaz Ahmed, who worked as a ycp mla candidate for kurnool, will win as an MLA. In the background of a tough fight in kurnool, the comments are saying that Imtiaz ahmed will definitely win. There is also a campaign that jagan gave ticket to Imtiaz because of positive results in the surveys. There is some tension among the ycp leaders regarding the result of the kurnool Assembly. Imtiaz ahmed is confident of victory.

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