A woman voiced her dissatisfaction with the poor condition of the road between nagole and uppal in the city on thursday by sitting in a pothole filled with water. She protested against the city officials and urged that the roads be fixed as soon as possible. Referring to the woman who protested over potholes in nagole, Sagar said that such incidents are bound to repeat if works are not completed on time.
Videos of the event went viral on social media networks, with traffic police constables convincing her to stand up. She drew attention both on the road and online to a problem that has been disturbing a large number of motorists for at least a year. According to social media posts, the woman is from anand Nagar, Nagole.

A flyover is being built in the neighborhood at a snail's pace, making the busy road beneath it, which connects uppal Crossroads and Medipally, a nightmare for commuters, residents, and hawkers. Grabbing the eyeballs both on the road and online, she brought attention to an issue that has been bothering scores of motorists for at least over a year.

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