They follow various sentiments in politics as well. Generally, it is the people who elect the leaders, but in some constituencies, the candidates say which party will come to power in the state depending on the winning pattern. Thus there is a sentimental constituency in Andhra Pradesh, Rajahmundry. The sentiment that parties come to power or not depends on the candidates who win or lose here is now going viral. And let's see what the details are. It is expected that tdp will not come to power if he wins that seat and if he loses then it will come to power.

  Adireddy family members are key political leaders in rajahmundry city politics. Adireddy Vasu contested on behalf of tdp in this election. So far whoever wins in this family is in the opposition. This has become the political sentiment of Rajahmundry. According to that, if Vasu wins as an mla, there is a fear that the party will not come to power. In 2009, Adireddy Veeraraghavamma was elected as the mayor of rajahmundry Municipal Corporation. Then congress came to power in the state. After that, Adireddy's entire family moved to YCP. After tdp came to power in 2014, Adireddy Apparao joined TDP. And in 2019, Apparao's daughter-in-law adireddy bhavani won. With this tdp lost power and ycp came to power. So far, Adireddy's family has been getting some political position. Bhavani's husband is Adireddy Vasu.

  This time he got ticket from tdp after working very hard. But there is a close contest between tdp and YCP. Adi reddy Vasu as the mla of rajahmundry City is all excited about whether he will win or lose. The leaders of that party are discussing that tdp will not come to power in the state if he is an mla here. There is also talk that there has been no development in the town due to Adireddy Bhawani being the opposition mla for the past five years. It seems that there is a misconception among people that even if Vasu wins, the same situation will happen again. There is a sentiment that if Adireddy wins, tdp will not come to power. We have to wait till june 4 to know if that sentiment will break this time or if it will continue as before.

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