Chief minister Jaganmohan reddy has been working continuously to solve the problems of the poor people in order to run the government. Such Jaganmohan reddy thought that there should be no injustice to the poor anywhere, that is, starting from the political leaders in the government, the officials and advisors should also be very competent. 

For that he identified the efficient people in two telugu states and brought them to his side. The poor people were lifted out of poverty with their advice and suggestions. Devulapalli amar is also one of Jagan's followers. And let's see the details of who he is.. When most people hear the name Devulapalli, they remember Devulapalli Ramanuja Rao of the telugu states.   He was well known as a scholar. Ramanuja Rao led the library movement during the Nizam's administration.

This family, which is very famous in warangal district, also ran a magazine called Shobha along with the then prime minister PV narasimha Rao. He also brought a new magazine called Kakatiya Patrika and used to provide the latest information to the people at that time. Thus, amar has been known as a writer with experience in the field of journalism since his ancestors. Apart from that, Devulapalli Amar's father Madan Mohan Rao is also an experienced person in the field of journalism.

In this way, Amar's family participated and worked hard during the independence movement. Devulapalli amar also rose through the ranks in the field of journalism by taking their ideas and experience. He also got a good reputation as a writer. Such amar entered journalism at the age of 16. And the 19th Veta became an active journalist. Amar, who started his field of journalism through Prajatantra, then joined the newspaper today as a sub-editor without any training and never looked back.

In this way, Devulapalli, who is well-known for writing many excellent articles in the field of journalism, has also worked in daily newspapers like amar Andhrabhumi and indian Express.   After that, he joined sakshi TV and hosted a live show on contemporary politics and became very popular among the people.   In this way, he was also elected as the President of the Union of Working Journalists in the united state of andhra pradesh twice.

After that he took charge as the Chairman of ap press Academy twice. He was also the President of indian Journalist Union IJ. In this way, it can be said that jagan has succeeded in explaining many things to the people about the programs and development works. Recognizing his talent, jagan appointed him as media Affairs Adviser to andhra pradesh Government on 22 august 2019. So it can be said that Devulapalli amar gave the people governance with excellent schemes and suggestions. So it can be said that he is still following jagan and explaining the development works done by him as a political analyst on the one hand and as a writer on the other hand. In this way, Devulapalli amar got a good reputation as Jagan's confidant.

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