This year, the malayalam film industry has been on fire, with several successes and blockbusters. Films such as Manjummel Boys, Aavesham, Bramayugam, Premalu, Anweshippin Kandethum, and The GOAT Life have received both critical praise and enormous financial success.

However, the recent movie, Turbo, starring mammootty, appears to have put an end to this winning trend. The early assessment suggests that the malayalam superstar may have missed the target with this high-budget but underwhelming mass-action picture. At 72, mammootty has experimented with a variety of genres, including commercial gangster films like bheeshma Parvam, psychological thrillers like Rorschach, and gripping dramas like Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam. However, Turbo provides little opportunity for him to perform.
Turbo falls short in terms of narrative and character development. Vysakh directed and Midhun Manuel Thomas wrote the picture, which attempts to merge high-octane action with comedy but ends up feeling one-dimensional and fragmented. The plot lacks cohesion, jumping from religious festivals to financial schemes to politics without a clear emphasis.

While mammootty succeeds in the action scenes, the narrative and characters, including the gifted raj B Shetty as the villain, fall short. Overall, Turbo disappoints Mammootty's admirers, as it feels more like a throwback to mindless action films from the 1990s than a remarkable addition to his outstanding oeuvre.

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