Inextricable bond between jagan and YV Subba Reddy..!!

-YV Subbareddy is one of Jagan's most trusted people.

- YV Subbareddy has earned a good reputation as a leader.

- YV Subbareddy has the talent to respond boldly to the opposition parties.

The reason why Jagan ruled as the chief minister from 2019 to 2024 without any major problems is the fact that the advisors and trusted people of jagan were always available and stood by him. YV Subbareddy is one of Jagan's most trusted people and YV Subbareddy is Jagan's relative as well as his soul mate. yv subbareddy does not stand still if anyone criticizes Jagan. yv subbareddy is the younger brother of former cm YS Rajasekhar Reddy and YV Subbareddy will be the grandfather of Jagan. yv subbareddy contested as Ongole mp candidate from ycp in 2014 and won. yv subbareddy served as ttd Chairman twice. At that time, there were some criticisms against Subbareddy, but jagan ignored those criticisms.


Presently YV Subbareddy is rajya sabha MP. yv subbareddy is giving answers in his own style if sharmila or Kotami leaders criticize Jagan. YV Subbareddy's comments saying that ycp will come to power in 2024 is the date and time of taking oath has gone viral on social media. yv subbareddy has earned a good reputation as a leader who does not let even a fly fall on Jagan.


It can be said that YV Subbareddy's role in the excellent implementation of Jagan's welfare schemes for five years and in making key decisions regarding development is clear. It can be said that yv subbareddy has the talent to respond boldly when the leaders of the opposition parties criticize him. YV Subbareddy's comments targeting Sharmi, saying that the courts will find out who is behind Viveka's murder so that people will not forget the fraud done by Congress, have also become a hot topic on social media.

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