From media to Government..!! Jagan's Trusted Hero..!!

-He is said to be a friendly officer, especially to the employees. 

-Dhanunjay Reddy was appointed as Honorary Advisor.

-Worked online by mentioning the schemes introduced by Jagan.

R. Dhanunjaya Reddy. Very few people know about him. However, he has played a key role in ycp for the last five years. Dhanunjaya reddy also owned the honor of running the volunteer system, village, mandal, and city secretariat in his own style. Even before ycp came to power, he worked as an editor in the education section of sakshi magazine till 2020. After the partition of the state, he also worked as a resident editor as a central desk editor. In his own way, Dhanunjay reddy played a key role in improving the quality of the respective departments to compete with major newspapers like Eenadu. He is said to be a friendly officer, especially to the employees. Before this, Dhanunjay reddy worked in Eenadu. cm jagan is a close relative of Bharti's wife, after the emergence of Sakshi.

The services rendered here were recognized by cm jagan in no time and later he was taken into government. CM Jagan, considered village and ward secretariats and volunteer systems to be the most prestigious. Dhanunjay Reddy was appointed as Honorary Advisor. After he came, the appearance of volunteers changed completely. By monitoring them regularly, they brought them closer to the people. In just two years, the people gained confidence in the volunteer system. Apart from this, independently he also started the Neti edition. Worked online in favor of Govt. Especially mentioning the schemes introduced by jagan and the performance of the government. It is noteworthy that Dhanunjay reddy has provided services both to the government and personally to cm Jagan.

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