They are confident that the ycp party will come to power again in Andhra Pradesh. Apart from this, the date for Jagan's swearing-in has also been finalized. For this purpose, ycp leaders have booked various hotels, flights and private buses to come to Visakha, and it seems that the prices have suddenly increased there. Why is there so much commotion without actual results? Is it the ycp party's faith or overconfidence?

Chief minister jagan is very confident that he will get power for the second time. After the election, cm jagan went on a foreign tour saying that he will get more success than the 151 assembly 22 mp seats that he got in 2019 after talking to the I-PAC team, but it seems that he is going to return on the 30th of this month. Even though there are doubts that ycp ranks will really come more than 151 seats as said by jagan, the party is confident of winning.

Leaders like Botsa and IV Subbareddy informed that cm jagan is going to take oath in Visakhapatnam on june 9 to take oath for the second time. This once again created fear among the tdp leaders. Moreover, the surveys also show that the seats will come as jagan said in the social media platform.  

Chandrababu is silent from the camp at this time and the results are becoming exciting. In 2019, ycp won 151 seats with 51% polling. In the past, Kanti's voting has increased by two percent this time, so it remains to be seen whether it will come together. Moreover, the ycp leaders are saying that 1.69 crore women have voted so that they must get the majority. Let's see what happens on june 4.

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