Bode prasad is the lifeblood of the Yellow Party..!!


- Admiration of Sr. NTR.

- bode prasad is one of the leaders who loved his party dearly.

- bode prasad is the closest person to Chandrababu.

Ever since ntr founded this party, many people's leaders have taken the Yellow party as their family responsibility instead of seeing it as a party. The rule of telugu Desam which started on march 29, 1982, is still going on. The TDP party which came to power for the first time during the NTR regime brought many reforms and schemes and remained the party of the poor people. Bode Prasad is one of the leaders who love such a party dearly. A person who works for the poor people for the party even at the cost of his life. From where did Bode Prasad's political rise come? Let us see the details of how he came close to Chandrababu. Bode Prasad was born in 1968 in Penamalur of krishna district. Bode Prasad has no political presence. Such Bode prasad started his politics from the village level with tdp and rose to MLA. He is the closest person to Chandrababu.

  Political Power:

  Before he contested as Sarpanch, he worked in the tdp party as a fan of NT Rama Rao. He entered active politics in 2002. In 2006, Poranki served as the village sub-inspector and was well-received by the people. Acknowledging his services, Chandrababu continued as the tdp president of Penamalur mandal from 2010.  In 2014, he contested for the first time from the Penamalur constituency and entered the assembly for the first time by winning a majority of 31 thousand votes against his nearest ycp candidate Kukkala Vidyasagar. Such Bode prasad once again got a ticket and contested in 2019. But he was defeated by the nearest YSP candidate Parthasarathy. However, in the last five years, Chandrababu has been moving around the constituency and has become a part of the people. Before the 2024 assembly Elections, Chandrababu informed that the bode prasad ticket cannot be given earlier as part of the allotment. But Prasad did not interrupt him and said it was okay. But exceptionally Chandrababu allotted a ticket again. This time also Bode prasad is in the ring and Jogi Ramesh has come as the closest candidate. But Chandrababu Naidu gave the ticket with the belief that bode prasad will definitely win this time in Penamalur. We have to wait till June 4 to know if Chandrababu Naidu's trust will stand in Penamalur.

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