Sri Veeranjaneya Swamy's unique record in TDP..!!

- The only sc mla who won from TDP.

- The leader who stood against the anarchies of jagan Sarkar.

- Swamy got good marks as a leader who fought hard in the opposition. 

Dola bala Sri Veeranjaneya Swamy is a sensation in the telugu Desam Party. Swamy owns the unique record of the telugu Desam Party. After resigning from a government job, Swamy entered politics and won the 2014 assembly election as an mla from kondapi on behalf of TDP. In the prakasam district, he won as an mla for the first time with the support of the Damachar family, who are holding kondapi and Ongolu constituencies. Swamy also served as the Chairman of the ttd Board. Swami has a reputation for staying away from controversies. As the government was also in power in the first five years, he left his mark on the development of the constituency.

That's why in the 2019 elections, even in Jagan's state-wide campaign, if the telugu desam party is limited to 23 seats, Swamy is one of the MLAs who won it. The telugu Desam Party was soundly defeated in all the sc constituencies across the state. In kondapi, Swamy was the only one who won and went on record. During the rule of the ycp government in the face of many anarchies in the constituency, Swamy stood firm. He did not back down after filing cases.

Being an sc mla, Swamy got good marks as a leader who fought hard in the opposition. Today, if you say the name of Swami, there will be no one in the telugu states who does not know it. Swamy, who defeated minister adimulapu suresh from ycp in the latest elections. If he wins and forms a coalition government, there is no doubt that he will definitely become a minister in Chandrababu's cabinet. Being in the sc social group and standing despite all the pressures and difficulties, we really have to say hats off to Swami.

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