Political parties should be confident in their ability to win elections and think that power is theirs. Thus far, so good. Onlookers find it humorous that plans for the swearing-in event are being made before the results are released. The people's choice on Andhra Pradesh's power in 2024 is recorded in EVMs, and the election is still eight days away.
The election results will be announced on june 4, and by noon that day, it will be evident who will be the ap Chief Minister. Following that, there are several options for making arrangements for the oath-taking ceremony. However, the public is asking why ycp is so enthusiastic right now.
In Visakhapatnam, there is a large-scale campaign saying that YS jagan would take the oath of office as chief minister on the 8th or 9th. It is worth noting that the YCP's officials have also notified the media about the dates and times of the oath-taking event. Despite the possibility of returning to power, ycp leaders and workers remain enthusiastic. Can't they wait until the last day? After you win, anything you say or do becomes valid.

On the contrary, is it necessary to make plans for the oath-taking before the results are announced? This subject has also been debated within the party. While criticising tdp betting, ycp leaders are hurrying to publicise the oath-taking event, which has sparked criticism. ycp should consider about this and exhibit caution. After the results are announced on the fourth, they can make any necessary plans.

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