It is known that the election was held for 175 assembly seats in the state of Andhra Pradesh. So everyone is eagerly waiting for the results of this assembly. But people of ap are giving special focus on some constituencies. nellore Rural Constituency is one of them. It is known that nellore Constituency is the Keraf address for sensational politics. But this time the competition in nellore Rural Constituency has become juicy. This time the ycp candidate is contesting in the telugu Desam Party.

He is kotam reddy sridhar Reddy. That is, in 2014 and 2019 elections, kotam reddy sridhar reddy won in nellore Rural Constituency on behalf of ycp Party. However, kotamreddy sridhar reddy, who disagreed with jagan, went. With this, kotamreddy sridhar reddy entered the ring as the nellore Rural tdp candidate. mp Adala prabhakar reddy stood on behalf of YCP. As a result, the competition in that constituency has become very juicy. But kotam reddy sridhar reddy says that he will hit the hat-trick anyway.

Kotam reddy sridhar reddy said in the campaign that the urban people are against the YCP... He has solved the problems of the rural people of nellore for the last ten years. Besides, kotam reddy also made emotional comments that he came out to support jagan Mohan reddy for the development of nellore Rural. His family also did well in the campaign.. Nara Lokesh, balayya Babu and Chandrababu also campaigned for Kotam Reddy. tdp says that kotam reddy will win anyway. Meanwhile, ycp candidate Adala prabhakar reddy has strongly promoted welfare schemes in the campaign.

After kotam reddy resigned from ycp, most of the funds were given to that constituency. Also vijay sai Reddy... contested as nellore mp and everyone worked actively. Adala prabhakar reddy dragged the Malireddy brothers who were the reason for the victory of kotam reddy sridhar reddy into YCP. Malireddy brothers are not actually active in politics. They have a role in winning kotam reddy sridhar Reddy. Adhala prabhakar reddy succeeded in taking such people into YCP. At every step, kotam reddy sridhar reddy continued to attack Adala. He says that ycp will win with this.   Let's see who will win this.

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