Is the kadapa steel factory deserted by the Government..!?

- Andhra's right slogan lost in history..?

-  After the government has changed, no steps have been taken.

-  YCP government did not take any action in the matter of Kadapa Steel.

The steel industry is one of the most important sectors in the state. The steel industrywhich was established for the first time in the government sector, is also located in AP. It is visakha Steel Factory. After that, it was established in other states. However, after the bifurcation of the state, with the intention of providing income and employment to the state, the center has provided an opportunity in the bifurcation act. 

In other words, the center has to build a steel plant in kadapa with its own funds. Similarlythe Visakhapatnam steel plant should be further developed. However, after 2019 the situation has changed. The work of privatizing the visakha Steel Plant has started. It said that the center will definitely do this to the private sector due to which losses are coming. It also decided that the coal cannot be given. On the other hand, there have been many movements on this.

Further, the Center has to build the kadapa Steel Factory. But even from 2015, they have been neglecting thisIt is noteworthy that at one stage, rajya sabha member cm Ramesh also went on a hunger strike. KCR Kavitha also supported this. However, the Modi government at the center did not focus on this. With this, Chandrababu said that he would build it.  Meanwhile, the government has changed. Not even a step forward.

Even the subsequent ycp government did not take any action in the matter of Kadapa Steel. Even if there is a need to build pressure on the center, no one cares. With this, the kadapa steel factory is once again in doubt. CM Jagan once again laid the foundation stone six months before the elections. However, it did not move forward. It is noteworthy that the demo on one side is being privatized. As the new one is not moving forward.

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