Krishna Chaitanya's film "Gangs of Godavari" stars Vishwak Sen, anjali, and Neha Shetty. anjali spoke with the media today about the imminent release of the film, which is scheduled for May 31st

"Gangs of Godavari" has put me in a character that is entirely unfamiliar to me. It is the whole manifestation of myself. When I heard the account from director Chaitu (Krishna Chaitanya), I immediately asked the censor board if such obscene language was permitted. However, it appears that several of these made it into the film's final edit. "Gangs of Godavari" differs from my prior work, and my character was carefully developed.

I avoided applying much makeup in my portrayal of Rathnamala. Given that the story is set in the 1980s, we experimented extensively. Rathnamala is a multidimensional character. Vishwak played a raucous and vibrant character, but mine is much louder. Because I am from the Godavari districts, I naturally have the Godavari accent. However, the accent I used for my character differs slightly from the traditional Godavari dialect that is commonly heard in the region's small villages.

Vishwak and I have a link in the movie since our names, Rathnamala and Rathnakar, are similar. director Krishna chaitanya will finally get a break with "Gangs of Godavari," and the picture is really entertaining and will be immensely liked by the audience. I am now working on three tamil productions and have recently signed another telugu project after finishing "Game Changer". There is also something going on in Malayalam.

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