We all know that the rush of parliamentary elections is going on all over the country. Parliamentary elections have already been completed in six phases across the country. Another installment is pending. The election officials will conduct the last phase of polling in the first week of June. In this background, bjp leaders are always saying that the nda alliance will get 400 seats.

Some others say that the indian alliance will come to power. It is reported that the ycp party has taken a key decision in this context. YSP hopes to win more mp seats anyway. In some surveys there are reports that ycp is going to win up to 20 seats. But at the centre, if the cooperation of regional parties is needed to form a congress alliance or nda government, Jaganmohan reddy will be the key.

But at such a time, information is being received that Jaganmohan reddy has decided to give support to the india alliance instead of the nda alliance. Because in the last five years, the nda alliance has jagan Mohan Reddy's support. ycp party supported all the bills. But when the elections came, bjp tied up with the telugu Desam Party, even though it was their opponent.

 This means that Jaganmohan reddy is very serious about BJP. That's why YSP is ready to support the congress alliance if there is a need for regional parties to form a government at the centre. Actually it does not belong to ycp and congress parties. But the news is coming that Jaganmohan reddy is ready to go ahead to hit prime minister Modi and amit Shah. Analysts say that if jagan Mohan reddy is to turn the wheel at the Centre, he will not only have to win more mp seats in AP, but also come to power.

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