After the polling of the general elections, there was great excitement over the results. An interesting discussion has already started on the situation of Sarala Constituency of Saman prakasam District. A triangle fight came to the fore in the form of Amanchi when it was supposed to be a big fight between ycp and tdp in Chira. 

Saree politics has become juicy with the three-way competition. But an interesting debate about who will win this three-way battle is going on in the sarees. karanam venkatesh from ycp, MM Kondaiah from tdp and former mla Amanchi Krishnamohan from congress are in the ring. Amanchi stood for the congress for the first time in 2009 and won and in 2014 he contested and won for the Navodaya party and became an MLA. Later joined TDP.

Due to some personal reasons, he joined ycp before the 2019 elections and suffered defeat in that election. But now political analysts say that he has contested from the congress and has given ycp a lot of trouble. There is a strong campaign that Amanchi stood on behalf of congress mainly to check ycp candidate Karanam Venkatesh. Amanchi Krishnamohan is a strong politician in prakasam district but he has to change party every five years for his political career.

Amanchi, who was in charge of Parchur on behalf of the ycp, joined the congress party before the elections. Amanchi, who was hoping for a saree mla ticket, was not allotted a ticket by the ycp leadership, so he joined the Congress. It is also discussed that Amanchi has his own social class but the guards as well as SC, fishermen and Padmashalis are with him. But Amanchi's entry will continue to be a major debate over who will buy it in ycp and TDP. We have to wait till june 4 to know who Amanchi drowned.

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