Pune porsche crash: Dean vs minister blame game...

In yet another twist in the story of the pune porsche accident, Sassoon General Hospital dean Dr. Vinayak Kale was placed on mandatory leave on wednesday, just hours after he disclosed that he had appointed Dr. ajay Taware as the medical superintendent based on a recommendation from Hasan Mushrif, Maharashtra's minister of medical education. Two pune techies lost their lives earlier this month when a 17-year-old teenager in a porsche Taycan automobile ran them over. It is said that the adolescent was intoxicated when the collision occurred.
Taware and another medical professional at the pune hospital are charged with trying to manipulate the minor's blood samples in order to conceal the accident. Atul Ghatkamble, an employee, and the two have been taken into custody by the police. The three were suspended on wednesday by the maharashtra government. ncp member Hasan Mushrif, who is led by Ajit Pawar, acknowledged that Dr. Taware's appointment was decided upon by a letter that sunil Tingare, the party's MLA, presented. "I do not possess any divine powers so that I would know everything about each person and their deeds in my department," he stated to PTI.
According to the minister, Taware's appointment was suggested by the MLA, and he just gave his approval. But Mushrif stated that when the recommendation was made, the dean ought to have brought up the "reputation of this person" with the government. However, Dr. Kale acknowledged that he had given Taware's appointment an executive order. But he claimed he was only carrying out the minister's instructions. "I simply carried out the minister's instructions. The appointment was made at that time in accordance with the minister's instructions," he stated. The minor's blood samples were allegedly switched by the two doctors and the hospital staff member. The two doctors took a bribe in return for trying to save the boy, the prosecution recently told a local court.

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