KS jawahar Reddy: From doctor to Chief Secretary of AP..!

-Jawahar Reddy's honesty in the performance of duties made him score good marks with Chandrababu.
- Key role in the implementation of free electricity.
- jawahar reddy worked for the Agriculture Department during the YS regime.

KS jawahar reddy, who is the Chief Secretary of the government of AP, is currently continuing his duties amid many conflicts. A 1990 batch IAS officer jawahar has held the posts from the Union State to the Divided State. He also worked with many Chief Ministers. jawahar reddy from kadapa district is a doctor by profession. jawahar reddy is known as a veterinary doctor. He also worked in a government veterinary hospital.
However, he worked hard to become IAS and got IAS in 1990. In fact, there are very few IASs from the kadapa district. Like this, jawahar reddy became IAS in 1990 in Ummadi AP. He has also worked since NTR's reign in the past. Later, he worked for the Agriculture Department during the YS regime. During this time, farmers' assurance and free electricity were implemented by YS. Due to this, he got a good name at that time. He was given a special position as the CMO. After the division of the state, he worked for Chandrababu for the first five years. His honesty in the performance of duties made him score good marks with Chandrababu.

Moreover, jawahar reddy is known as an officer who does not commit even a single rupee of corruption. With this, jawahar reddy also earned the name of Chandrababu's best officer. Also, when Chandrababu was the chief minister, his son nara lokesh appointed jawahar reddy as the Chief Secretary of the panchayat raj Department. Then he worked very smoothly. It should be said that the work of minister nara lokesh has been reduced by doing many programs for the panchayat raj Department.

It must be said that jawahar Reddy's fortunes changed when ycp came to power. cm Jagan gave him the posts he wanted. Having worked under his father in the past and being known as an honest officer, jawahar reddy did as he was asked. jawahar reddy worked as the Principal Secretary of the Medical and health Department during the Corona period. The work done by him through the government at that time brought a good name to the government throughout the country.

With this, cm Jagan excused jawahar Reddy's request and sent him as the EO of tirumala tirupati Devasthanam even though many people competed. According to the seniority list, jawahar reddy will be working as the Chief Secretary to the government from 2022. jawahar reddy earned a reputation as an honest and thoughtful officer. Ummadi also served as HDMA Commissioner in AP. It is noteworthy that wherever he worked, he gave importance to reforms. He was in contact with the heads of the government and the ministers. He did not have any disputes with anyone during these years of service. That's what saved him even during this difficult election. No matter how many people complained about him, no matter how much pressure came, the way he behaved in the past, there were no disputes and the election commission dismissed those complaints as well. Meanwhile, jawahar reddy will retire from his post on november 30 this year.

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