During the first day of Apple's yearly conference, WWDC 2024, the firm revealed many upcoming product updates. According to the reports, the event demonstrated how artificial intelligence was included in the iOS 18 software update. apple said at the event that they will be partnering with OpenAI to deeply incorporate ChatGPT into the devices for usage as a chatbot. Elon Musk, nevertheless, is not impressed with the move.
Musk, CEO of Tesla, took to X stating how disappointed he is with the OpenAI-Apple collaboration. Sharing his reaction, he posted that if OpenAI comes to the iPhone’s OS, the devices will no longer be allowed in his companies. Replying to Tim Cook, apple CEO, Musk stated, “Don’t want it (Apple Intelligence). Either stop this creepy spyware or all apple devices will be banned from the premises of my companies.”

He also said he would make sure there was not an apple device in his office building. "And guests will need to check their apple devices at the door, as they will be kept in a Faraday cage," he stated.

Why is Elon Musk against OpenAI chatbot on apple devices?
Musk inundated its X page with jokes and other content after the debut, implying that OpenAI's chatbot is malware. He clarified in a post: "It's blatantly ridiculous that apple can't even create artificial intelligence on their own, but they can guarantee that OpenAI will safeguard your privacy and security! After your data is turned over to OpenAI, apple has no idea what's truly happening. You're being sold down the river by them.
According to Musk, OpenAI calls this "personalization" of their chatbots since it trains them using private data. Therefore, apple will violate user privacy when it incorporates ChatGPT into its devices. OpenAI has previously been involved in privacy-related issues.

It's possible that apple anticipated the backlash. They've announced an "opt-in" choice. However, Musk also managed to take issue with that. In response to a user, he said, "Apple is *not* preserving privacy at all when they send your data over to a third-party AI that they don't understand and can't construct themselves!”



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