As a result of the political changes in the adjoining State of andhra pradesh, the future of the real estate industry, which is going through a difficult time in Telangana, particularly in hyderabad, has gained a lot of attention in many circles.
Tuesday saw a surge in interest in hyderabad real estate after telugu Desam chairman and ap chairman Minister-designate N chandrababu naidu declared amaravathi to be the State capital. Many believe that the present downturn might worsen and that prices in this area could drop.

Balaji, an X user said: “Rates in hyderabad are far beyond the reach for middle class to invest. Correction should happen whereas in ap one can research and get a good deal. Entering with a good price point is the key..”

Viswa, another X user said: “People invest in the areas where they can get higher returns for next 2-3 years… amaravathi area has that opportunity. Major correction will be there in hyderabad Real Estate…”

Echoing a similar opinion, Abhi, another X user said “Neopolis is heart of the city? The thing is hyderabad already has many commercial properties in Gachibowli and Nanakramguda, which are ready to occupy but amaravathi is different.. there will be exponential growth for initial investors, and hyderabad Real estate is already saturated..”

CREDAI believes Hyderabad's real estate industry will continue to flourish despite these discussions and rumours. There would undoubtedly be buzz from the adjacent State, according to a CREDAI member. He stated that there should not be an issue if a small number of investors with Andhra ancestry want to liquidate and make some investments.
"Hyderabad has its own identity and provides a variety of opportunities; it has never been a rival to any city." Real estate did not explode when HITEC City was built; rather, it increased gradually as infrastructure and other issues were taken into account.

“Irrespective of positive or negative, it will take at least three years for the impact to be felt. Meanwhile, the State government here should ensure Hyderabad’s image does not suffer a dent,” he added.

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