Hyderabad real estate is trembling right now on the results of the andhra pradesh election. Any state or city's real estate market will take off only if the chief minister is capable of creating jobs and has a development mindset. Under jagan Mohan Reddy, andhra pradesh lacked precisely the same in 2019–24, which led to a decline in the state's real estate market whereas telangana saw a rise, especially in Hyderabad. For the past five years, Andhra has seen a decline in prices and a halt to transactions.

Hyderabad's emphasis on building infrastructure contributed to the trend as well. But since the elections, everything has changed so swiftly.  Telangana was won by the Congress, but in the Parliamentary elections held less than six months later, the bjp made an astonishing comeback and secured a same number of seats as the Congress. It is well known that anytime they detect blood in a state, Shah and Modi go bonkers. In all likelihood, telangana may experience political unrest in the days to come. That is the real estate industry's biggest red sign.

Simultaneously, situations in Andhra, particularly amaravati, are suddenly improving. Naidu is a well-known pro-development cm designee. Even before the ceremony for taking the oath, work on clearing the jungle and building roads had begun. There were questions up until recently about how debt-ridden andhra pradesh will be able to pay for Amaravati. However, the sixteen telugu desam party MPs are essential to the nda government at the Centre. So, the central government would also provide a lot of help.

NRIs who have emigrated overseas are the main drivers of telugu real estate. amaravati and hyderabad are two well-liked places to invest. amaravati suddenly seems like a better choice. Things will be bright in the upcoming days, but there will be a minor price adjustment as well because of the impasse that has existed over the past five years. hyderabad is rapidly becoming more urbanised, yet this won't cause the ecosystem to collapse because it has sufficient support. However, amaravati will undoubtedly provide some difficulties.

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