Some farmers in the krishna area are taking down the markers from the YS jagan land protection survey, which was put up by the former YSRCP administration, after chief minister Nara chandrababu naidu abolished the Land Titling Act. One of the reasons the YSRCP was defeated was the Land Titling Act. 

Under the pretence of a wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital survey, the YSRCP administration examined 4,000 acres in the mandal one month prior to the elections without first contacting the farmers. They then placed markers in the fields. Without telling the farmers, the revenue authorities erected these signs with Jagan's picture on them.

The installation of markers that ignored existing limits as a result of this move has resulted in fresh disputes amongst farmers. For example, in Kummamuru village, the fact that three survey markers were placed in the same location inside a field served as a stark reminder of the survey's flaws. At first, the farmers were afraid to relocate the markings that the government had placed.

But the farmers found the guts to take action when the tdp coalition government entered power and Chandrababu was elected chief minister and signed the legislation repealing the land titling law. Farmers have begun to remove the survey signs now that a government that is supportive of them is in place.

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