On Tuesday, june 18, the telangana Food Safety Department carried out surprise inspections at several post-graduation lodgings and hostels in the madhapur region. Inspectors found expired chili powder at Hyderabad's sindhu Jaddu Women's Hostel, with a march 2024 use-by date. Furthermore, open trash cans without lids were discovered, which presented a danger of contamination and attracted vermin.

Unsettling circumstances were found during the Om Sri Sai nandha Deluxe Men's Hostel inspection. When workers were discovered chewing gutka while handling food, it was considered a significant breach of food safety regulations. Additionally, the usage of artificial hues was noted. Along with rotting veggies, inspectors discovered expired hing powder due december 2023. The hyderabad hostel's kitchen was reported to be unclean due to the existence of cockroaches and rusty cooking utensils, such as a dosa tawa. Additionally, a soy sauce sample didn't pass the spot test.

Similar problems included insects, open dustbins without lids, and an unclean kitchen at Tanusri Grand Women's Hostel in Hyderabad. A rusty dosa tawa was discovered at the hostel. Tomato and chili sauce samples that were taken from the location did not pass the spot test.
Inspectors discovered open trash cans without covers at Om Sri Sai Nanda Women's Hostel, raising serious hygienic concerns.
The SR Ladies Hostel in hyderabad was discovered to have an unclean workspace and refrigerator as the raids went on. In several of the dormitories they examined, inspectors also discovered rusty dosa tawa, a recurrent problem.

The telangana Food Safety Department became aware of hostels and PGs (Paying Guest hostels) last week following a string of raids on eateries in Hyderabad. The searches began on Sunday, june 16, in the madhapur district. Numerous infractions pertaining to food safety were noted.

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