Revanth reddy will always have that respect for Babu..!?

* revanth expressed his admiration for Chandrababu even though he was CM.
* It would be better if Babu and revanth made decisions independent of the parties.
* Leaders have to take collective steps for the welfare of the people.

It is known that telangana CM revanth Reddy's political presence is very special. revanth reddy who started his political career as a member of ZPTC was later elected as an MLC. After winning as mla from kodangal in 2009, revanth never looked back in terms of politics. In later days, revanth, who joined congress from tdp, won sensational victories in telangana politics with the congress party. However, revanth reddy has said on several occasions that he will always have respect for Chandrababu Babu despite his sensational achievements in politics. revanth reddy stated that telugu Desam was the reason why he joined the congress party, neither tdp nor Chandrababu did harm to him. He said that it was because of his circumstances that he left tdp and joined Congress. He said that some people expect him to scold Chandrababu. revanth reddy stated that senior ntr played a vital role in the reconstruction of telangana society. It is known that revanth reddy has already stated on several occasions that he would give priority to maintaining good relations in AP. However, Chandrababu is silent on Revanth's issue in the context of his alliance with the BJP.
While revanth reddy is saying that he and Chandrababu are colleagues, a response should come from Chandrababu's side on the level of revanth Reddy's side. Even if the parties and ideologies are different, the aim of both parties is to do good for the people, so it is noteworthy that the comments are being expressed that if they work together, these parties will not turn back. No matter how much revanth reddy has grown in politics, he is winning the hearts of the people of other states.

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